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Hi, I am Amy Jackson, the biggest name in the industry of SEO and Digital Marketing. I provide a gateway to maximizing your websites potential online. With more than 6 years successful experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Market Research and Business Development. Has also earned a great name in executing projects involving Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization, Web Analytics, Market Research including online consumer behavior, understanding search engine behavior skills which are instrumental in strategizing web promotions.

Top Secret Affiliate Marketing Tools by Bonus With

Redirect Master – Wp Plugin

redirect master
You May always wanted to know how to hide your affiliate links from your website visitors? There are many tools out there that can cloak your affiliate link and make it look pretty. Introducing the Redirect Master wp-plugin which is a premium affiliate link cloaking tool that not only hides affiliate links but also has other cool features not available anywhere else. This is a great tool if you promote products and services online. The only requirement is that you must be running a WordPress website obviously.
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Affiliate Hijacker Pro – Wp Plugin

affiliate hijacker pro
Amazing WordPress plugin builds authority, traffic, and clicks in just a few minutes. So easy anyone can do it, no matter how non-technical they are. also, Hijack any website and put your call to action bar over it, your own custom HTML, and even change all the links on the Hijacked page to anything you want! Does not use IFRAMES, this means you can use social links to get easy traffic to your Hijacked pages!
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Facebook Messenger Pro – Wp Plugin

Facebook Messenger Pro by Leo Williams
Facebook Messenger Pro wp-plugin allows your visitors to easily Live Chat with your business using Facebook Messenger Pro. Also, Allow your Clients to Easily Live Chat with your Business. Boost your Sales. So, Don’t Miss Potential Clients, support your Customers using Facebook Messenger as a Live Help App. With, Multilingual Support, Timeline, and Events Tab Option. Get Instant Notification on your PC and Phone. Increase your Fan Page Likes and more.
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