Posts look like spam according to Facebook Community Guidelines are blocked

Posts look like spam according to Facebook Community Guidelines are blocked

Let’s begin with, if you are among those who have got your ability to post on pages, like responses, etc. blocked – pleasant to the club. We are going to of a rapidly growing number of folks who have been impacted by a broken algorithm in Facebook’s software.

Some things you need to know –

  1. You weren’t blocked because of your political views, views on polarizing social issues, and so on. Also because you are conservative or liberal. And you have not been obstructed because you are pro-life or pro-choice. So, you have not been blocked because you are Christian/Muslim/Jewish/Pagan/Agnostic/etc. But you were not blocked because you love/hate Obama. You have not been blacklisted for any stance or view you hold or have expressed.
  2. You were not targeted by liberal/conservative Facebook employees. Anyone with the victim of some vast conspiracy intended to penalize people of your particular political, social or religious persuasion. Facebook is not upholding some right-wing/left-wing agenda by deliberately silencing you.
  3. No man being was involved with creating your block. No human being is reviewing the appeals you submit. You could have fallen victim to an automated process that Fb is apparently unaware has run amok.
  4. Repeated posting of people “follow these steps/click ‘helpful’/get unblocked” cycle posts are only going to have one effect: they will get you blocked from publishing here on the Community Help forums as well. They will NOT get you unblocked from publishing on pages, sending good friend requests, etc. Stop sending junk email every thread with those.
  5. You are not guaranteed free speech by anyone besides the govt. Only the government might not exactly infringe after your straight to free speech. A great individual corporation, such as Facebook, absolutely 100% has the legal right to “silence” you on their service, for any reason, at any time, whether or not you like it or not.

Facebook community guideline
Alright, so how DID you end up blocked?

Simply put – someone(s) reported you as a spammer and/or for posting “abusive” content.

The longer (slightly watered-down) justification is this:
Facebook uses automated algorithms to “moderate” its site. These codes take into account multiple bits of information in how a report of spam (or abuse) is handled. Commonly, it would take multiple reports from multiple options in order to bring about an “alert”. That trademarks you as a spammer (or as someone publishing abusive content). This means that normally, one or two people being upset over something. Your published would not be adequate to get you blocked. Definitely not enough to get you blocked for over a few hours or a couple of times.

That same algorithm also determines “punishment” for those ‘found guilty’ (by the algorithm) of violating the Community Standards. So normally, perhaps it might take twelve reports from 10 different users for one of your posts to induce the alert that product labels you as a spammer/poster of abusive content. The threshold for something like this is usually extremely high – thus the reason it is sometimes so hard to actually get clear of spam/abusive content.

When that threshold is fulfilled, the punitive algorithm comes into play. 10 information from 10 different users of ONE post you made? Maybe you get a 12-hour block out. Dozens of reports from dozens of users on posts you made on multiple pages? Well, which probably going to lead to a multi-day wedge.

That’s how things NORMALLY work.

But something is broken in Facebook’s protocol. Because they do not actually have humans reviewing our appeals or this Help forum. They don’t even realize it. Not only is the threshold that labels you a spammer/abusive content cacher screwed up (wherein perhaps it is merely taking 1 report from ONE customer on ONE post to trigger the alert). But the “punishment” algorithm is messed up as well. This is why many of us have recently been blocked for per month, two months, three months or even longer. It is looking like we have been dumped into an everlasting block.

The technical description might be more like: a variable in the consequence algorithm is defined incorrectly. Thus where the software should be reading – and giving – you hour block, it is reading – and supplying – a one YR block, or something similar. Essentially, someone made a typo.

How can we be sure this is what has happened? Because Facebook’s Help section itself says, quite specifically, that blocks of this nature are temporary and short-lived: “Blocks are temporary and can last a few hours or a few days.” Source:

What can we do about this?

Honestly, not much. Unless Facebook commences paying attention to appeals and posts here on the Community Help forum, wish to go to be hard pressed to draw attention to this problem.

My personal only thought is this. When you land on the Community Help forums, you see a set of posts that is, by default, sorted with the top rated post towards the top. So my thought is – if we all upvote either this post or another enjoy it. We might be able to move it to the top of the checklist. IF PERHAPS (and it’s a BIG IF) a Facebook staff periodically peruses the Community Help forum. It’s likely that top-ranked posts are the only ones likely to catch their attention. So the closer to the most notable that we can get one of these posts explaining what’s occurring for all of us. The better our chances of it being seen IF PERHAPS a FaceBook employee comes here to look.

We would also ask that each of you post your situation below. How long you’ve been clogged for, what you think. You were blocked for And if possible, let everyone really know what your wedge information says under your Support Dashboard.

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