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PostViral is Awesome Software. Direct Message Aff Links With Facebook Messenger?Drop Your Affiliate Link In Their Personal Facebook Inbox? Get Your Affiliate Link In Front Of Hungry Facebook Buyers? Auto-Reply To Each Facebook Comment In Messenger with Your Link? Drop Your Link to Anyone who Comments on Your Facebook Post? Manipulate FB for Unlimited Viral Traffic?PostViral Pro is the Solution. It is Facebook Automation Software to Turn Facebook Comments Into Cash. Pro is a unique SaaS application that allows you to send customized messages to anyone who comments on one of your Facebook Fanpage posts. This is a powerful new emerging strategy for list building, viral marketing and prospect engagement that will allow you to take your marketing automation to new heights. This new software update is freaking amazing, you can literally drop your link, offer or opportunity inside FB Messenger. Anyone who comments will receive an “Auto-Reply” directly in their Facebook Messenger with your promotion, offer, link or whatever you want!I’ve never seen anything like this before, it almost forces your posts to go viral with like, comments and shares that generate a mass effect. Once it goes VIRAL, you cannot stop it. And hey, just a quick heads up, you’ll wanna get in on this immediately because this offer is extremely time sensative and might be gone. It has so amazing features such as Create Unlimited campaigns, AutoRepy to Any Facebook comment, Deliver affiliate links via FB Messenger, Add Like-Gate to force viral effect.It also has awesome benefits likes AutoReply To Comments Via Facebook Messenger, Force Posts To Go Viral With Powerful “Like-Gate” Technology, Automatically deliver affiliate links, squeeze pages, and more, Never worry about responding manually to people ever again, Make money, save time!

PostViral Benefits:

  • AutoReply To Comments Via Facebook Messenger
  • Force Posts To Go Viral With Powerful “Like-Gate” Technology
  • Automatically deliver affiliate links, squeeze pages, and more!
  • Never worry about responding manually to people ever again
  • Make money, save time!

PostViral Steps:

  1. Connect FB
  2. Go Viral
  3. Get PAID!


  • Is there a refund guarantee?
    Yes, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you purchase the software and find a technical error that we are not able to fix, we will immediately grant you a refund.
  • Does this work on personal profiles?
    No. is only available to work on Facebook Fan Pages as per Facebooks Guidelines. If you pick up the “Unlimited” License, you can use it on unlimited pages.
  • Does this require technical experience?
    No. You do not need previous technical experience to use, if you can click a button and connect your Facebook account, you are qualified to use this software.
  • How does work?
    Its pretty simple, we connect to your Facebook Fan Pages inside the system and then allow you to create post level campaigns with custom messages. Each time a user comments, we deliver that message for you, automatically.

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