Today I am going to explain, step by step, a proven way to make money online with things that you have re-seller rights to.

How to make money with things that you have re-seller rights to

In the internet marketing area there are plenty of different varieties of reseller rights. sometimes you get a copy of the software system or training with the right to sell it. sometimes you get an everything done for you system like my ‘agency access’. sometimes you’re actually an affiliate but get paid 100% commissions. Honestly though, no matter which type of reseller rights you have got, if you have it for a couple of products you have a massive resource and chance in front of you. in this article i’m going why I always tell people to grab reseller rights whenever they can and justify a way to capitalize on them.

To follow this method you are going to need a few things:

  1. Something that you have giveaway rights to (this should not be a problem as there are plenty of places to get PLR and software with give away rights)
  2. Reseller rights to one or more products. One is ok, but more is better. In fact the more you have the better.
  3. You need a bit of a budget. Not $5, you need at least $50 and preferably $100-$200.If this is a problem then your not ready to be running an online business right now anyway so save up and come back when its not a problem.
  4. A squeeze page to give away the free gift (there are lots of page builders)
  5. An email system that allows you to send out scheduled emails


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